Vin Diesel does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

reblogging for the fact that he challenged two world leaders and a world icon and made them also plant a tree


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i have a lil baby snake curled up in my blanket.

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i am 21 years old now

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i ordered some soa industrial bars for my ear and i’m so excited for them

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Almost shedding time again.

Almost shedding time again.

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Idea: send me your number on anon. We text for two days, no name, no picture, just talking. We see if we’d be friends from getting to know one another. On day three you send me a picture and your name.

I’m actually really into this



aggressively does not care about your irrelevant opinion about anything ever, bye.

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This little shit was living under the table on our porch.

This little shit was living under the table on our porch.

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#drunk and#superfuckinghappy

#drunk and#superfuckinghappy

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Made out with a cute girl in my driveway today. 😍

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